Law Enforcement United, Inc.
Virginia Division


Virginia Teams

  • Team Arlington
  • Team Chesapeake
  • Team VBSO
  • Team Norfolk
  • Team Suffolk
  • Team Henrico
  • Team Fredericksburg
  • Team Prince William
  • Team Fairfax CO SO
  • Team Stafford CO SO
  • Team James City County
  • Team Portsmouth

   North Carolina Teams

  • Team Duke
  • Team Raleigh
  • Team Greenville

  South Carolina Teams

  Tennessee Teams

  • Team Chattanooga
  • Team Nashville

 Texas Teams

    Arizona Teams

  Minnesota Teams

 New England Teams

  New York Teams

  • Team Syracuse

  New Jersey Teams

  • Team Egg Harbor TWSHP (NJ DIVISION)

 Pennsylvania Teams

  • Team Reading (PA Division)

Coloraldo Teams

  • Team Coloraldo

Wisconsin Teams

Florida Teams

  • Team Florida
  • Team St. Petersburg

Ohio Teams

  • Team Shaker

We also have members from California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Kentucky, and Georgia! If you need assistance connecting with a team, would like to start one or have updates on current team info please contact Nicole ([email protected])

You do not have to be a part of a team to be a LEU member or participant...LEU is truly one team, one mission, one family!



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